Exhibition / Conference Electrics

We have the in house facility to provide the most up to date electrical system for your exhibition stand.

Expo stand electricians are a vital element in the success of your exhibition project, we always have a qualified electrician on site to deal with all electrical matters.

To comply with all current legislation each individual stand is fitted a separate fuse board which has the capability to run sockets and lights.

If you have specific electrical requirements please contact us so we can discuss this in more detail.

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Exhibition Lighting

High Key Halogen Lighting

When it comes to an exhibition and event lighting is an extremely important factor in displaying your businesses and products and making your exhibition stand as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

At Exhibit A Displays we have worked with highly qualified independent electrical companies to insure that our clients get tailor-made exhibition lighting with a state of the art power supply system.

We have a variety of lighting to suit all budgets and exhibition needs from high intensity floodlights to low, energy saving voltage LED lighting systems.

We comply with all regulations and standards working with a qualified electrical team at all times.

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